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Week 27: Make an Impact - Self-Interview

27 Verbal Commands for Deep Relaxation.m
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This week, we're give ourselves permission to relax. As we meditate, we will visualize the different parts of our bodies and command them to feel warm and heavy. 

Grand Canyon



The Biden administration is about to embark on a historic mission: to conserve 30 percent of the nation’s land and water by 2030.

The initiative to reach 30 percent aims to redefine what constitutes “conserved” land and to cede power to local communities and tribal nations to reach that target. At the same time, it promises to provide disadvantaged communities with more access to parks and the benefits of nature.


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What is your name and what is a community issue that is important to you?

Why is this issue important?

What is something you will do to bring positive change?

How can someone else who cares bring change too?


Let us know of a time you have witnessed someone's positive impact on a commuity issue below.

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