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Week 20: Interview with Another Person

20 - Three-Part Breath
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This week, we're starting off your class with a Three-Part Breath technique. As you complete the meditation, you will engage your stomach, ribcage, and upper chest. 

Beach at Sunset



Bruce’s Beach has a historical past was named after Willa and Charles Bruce: the first Black landowners in Manhattan Beach. They purchased a couple coastal lots in 1912. 

Nearly a century after the City of Manhattan found a way to take ownership of the property, Los Angeles County is revisiting the prospects of returning proper ownership of the beachfront to the descendants of the Bruce family.


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Today, we're doing interviews:

  1. Who will you be interviewing?

  2. Who is this person to you?

  3. Why do you think interviewing other people is so important?


Leave a comment below with your responses to the questions above.

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