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Week 19: Propagation

19 - Humming Bee Breath
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Soothe your mind with this week's breathing technique, where we will be connecting with the sounds and movements of our bodies. 

Aerial View of River



Nearly 600 experts have been working for almost a decade to find the best way to quantify the economic benefits that nature provides.


This week marked the culmination of their efforts with the Ecosystem Accounting framework being adopted as an international standard, which will help countries see the value in conserving nature


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Today, we're going to propagate lettuce.

You Will Need:

  1. A Full Head of Lettuce

  2. A Knife

  3. A Small Jar

  4. Access to water

Leave a comment below with your responses to the following questions: (1) why is it important to grow our own food? (2) what is something that you want to plant yourself?

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