The concept of leaving it better stems from a recognition of our ability to be drivers of change. 


When we engage with ourselves, our peers, our communities, and the world, we look for opportunities to bring about the relative change that "better" entails.


Better is one step ahead. It is different from our starting point. It is something that we can accomplish with healthy ambitions and grounded intentions.


It is our vision for change within ourselves, our communities, and the world.



We strive to slow down, create a moment of time and space to breathe and smile. We are realistic and honest in assessing our impact, goals, outcomes, and adherence to principles.  We see falling short as an opportunity to learn more, to start an engaging conversation. We take ownership of our own health, we choose healthy food to eat. We take ownership of our thoughts, our words and our actions. We choose to make ourselves healthier each day.


We believe that people who have enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise are in a better frame of mind to create healthy relationships. We believe that different generations can learn from each other. We believe that the students doing the work are more important than the work itself. We bring diverse educational approaches including hands-on activities, environmental education, STEAM projects, gardening, and mindfulness to create a space where everyone can contribute according to their abilities.


We believe healthy schools are able to create healthy communities, with youth and schools being the driving force for good in a place. This means thriving environmental, economic and social growth.


We believe that healthy communities are the basis of healthy ecosystems. Healthy communities understand that humans are a part — albeit a small part— of the global community. Once the self, the friend, the organization, and the community are healthy, they can impact the world around them. We are the world. We understand our interconnectedness.

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