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Watercolor Abstract

Week Three: Water - LIVE 


Week Seven :Journal- LIVE 


Week Eight: All About Memes - LIVE 

Week Nine: Self-Meme - Live 

Week Four: Food - LIVE

Week Five: Movement - LIVE 

Week Six: Sleep - LIVE 

Week ten: journaling - LIVE

Week Eleven: Interviews - Live

Week twelve: Self-Interviews -Live

Week Two: Meditation - LIVE 

Watercolor Abstract


Week 13: Choosing Principles -Live

Week 14: Daily Meditation -Live

Week 15: Flavored Water -Live

Week 16: Healthy food -Live

Week 17: Black History Month -Live

Week 18: Easy Movements -Live

Each Other

Week 20: Interview another -Live

Week 19: Propagation -Live

Week 21: Drawing Gift -Live

Week 22: Kind Meme -Live

Week 23: Favorite food -Live

Watercolor Abstract

Our school, Community, and World 

Week 24: Cyber Self -Live

Week 25: Social Movements -Live

Week 26: Transform Yourself -Live

Week 28: Impact - Meme

Week 29: Harvest 

Week 30: Celebration

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